Historiñas of a CSO: Providing value to society 4.0

The Ecoplas Mission is: transforming the current concept of packaging by providing it with intelligence and resolving the main challenges of the 21st century and the current society: innovation, sustainability, food security and technology 4.0 always in connection with our customers and the market.

To achieve this we have developed a product line called Smart Nets that also allows us to connect with the market and clients, it really contributes to them.

 Up to this moment all the packaging manufacturers of nets have dedicated ourselves to making nets for garlic packaging, net to pack onions, net for package clam or mussel, … but really the only thing we offered was a product that did not give problems customers in the packaging.

The more daring, introduced other formats of net packaging exclusively designed to attract customer care, but not to cure any of their pain. Some diversified their activity by dedicating themselves to the manufacture or marketing of machines related to preparation, cleaning, selection, elaboration or packaging of the product, thus expanding their area of influence at the customers’ house.

 But in society 4.0 in which we live, the productive sectors are not converging at the necessary speed. While the word industry has already set last name: 4.0, the primary sector continues far from benefiting from technologies that are currently being applied.

 They really do not know what AI, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, etc. could do for them because nobody has formed them or explained what they consist of.

Ecoplas is part of the value chain of this sector and we consider that we have the obligation to introduce this technology into that chain, and we are going to do it with Smart Nets. We want to digitize and transform the entire value chain of the sector, making available to the market the necessary tools so that customers can expand those solutions to other processes. We really want to create an innovative culture in the value chain taking advantage of the 4.0 technology without renouncing the care of the environment and having a safe product, from the food point of view.