ECOPLAS is a company that was born in 2006 in Galicia focused on the manufacture of extruded nets intended mainly for the cultivation and packaging of shellfish. From this starting point we have developed a wide range of products intended for other sectors such as agriculture or the packaging of fruit and vegetable products. At the same time we have positioned ourselves in the European market.

Our success is based on finding the fastest and most effective solutions to the problems that our clients face.

Three are the pillars of our philosophy as a company





David García and Brais Pedrouzo

Manufacturing Managers

“As Manufacturing Managers of ECOPLAS our goal is to manufacture a product that meets the high standards set by the company. The best formula to achieve this is the knowledge to the millimeter of each of our machines and the coordination between all the departments of the company: commercial, production, quality, logistics …

Being surrounded by a good team allows us to carry out all projects and efficiently solve the problems that arise.

The secret to achieving excellence is passion for what we do and the desire to keep improving.


María Saborido

Production Manager

In all these years we have seen our production capacity grow considerably, our beginnings are far behind where we only had one extruder and one bagmaker.

Currently we have a large and modern park of extruders to manufacture products with different technical characteristics (weights, widths, resistance …) destined for various markets and sectors: packaging, gardening, aquaculture … we also have several manufacturers of different types of bags and mesh bags. In all this time we have also set up a Printing Department and an injection area.

This has only been possible thanks to the work and effort of each of the people who are or have been part of ECOPLAS, and also to the trust placed by our customers.


“We work for quality. We train and educate the entire team on a daily basis, bearing in mind that QUALITY is the axis on which the success of ECOPLAS revolves.

The functions of my department include constant and exhaustive controls on each of the products that leave our factories. For that, we carry out more than 200 daily samplings with a modern laboratory equipped with the latest technology. For this reason, when the product leaves our facilities we have the peace of mind of a job well done.

All our products strictly comply with the food safety legislation, having a meticulous traceability system that allows us to monitor the product in each of its stages.

At this moment we are working on the implementation of BRC packaging, which will allow us to add confidence to the market and will represent an important commercial and competitive advantage.