The horticultural woven net

Within the fruit and vegetable sector there are a wide variety of products that need to be stored, transported and protected for later sale in the sector; for this reason, at Ecoplas we want to present the woven net as an effective solution for the packaging of fruits and vegetables.

The woven net is a mesh in the form of a tube that is softer and more flexible than the extruded one, this net is also presented in coils of different lengths, thanks to its multifilaments.

  • What is it for?

The woven net is mainly used for packaging fruit and vegetables, such as cucumbers or tomatoes.

It is also used in the classic bags for oranges, onions or potatoes.

Thanks to its design, it provides the sales unit with a ventilated environment and an optimal display of it. And, thanks to the diversity of colours that we have, an aesthetic aspect is provided to the result.

  • How is it used?

The woven net requires either an automatic application or a semi-automatic application, in this way the mesh opens to facilitate the introduction of the fruits and then closes by means of a staple or by sewing with plastic bands.

It is constituted and woven with braided multifilaments, which provide it with less resistance than the extruded mesh.

  • What is its main benefit?

It is an economical option for your printed band sealed bags. Also available for clipping machines.

  • And what are its characteristics?

The Woven nets in a variety of colours, widths and structures

More malleable and elastic than extruded nets

They are used for stapling and sealing machines

It is a mesh available in rolls of different lengths and in tubular form

If you need more information about this product, do not hesitate to contact the Ecoplas sales team. They will assist you and resolve all your doubts efficiently.