The Cotton net

One of the star products in the mussel farming sector is the cotton net.

Nowadays it is a basic product and highly exploited by our mussel farmers since they need it in all phases of its cultivation, from breeding to splitting the mussel.

The cotton net is a product that seeks to facilitate the grip of the mussel to the palisade rope and that hangs from the raft for their cultivation.

In the unfolding, the aim is to prevent the mussels from falling from the rope when bad weather arrives, in addition to allowing them to grow quickly and uniformly. To do this, once the mussels are halfway grown, the growers move the ropes with a crane and divide them, separating the different sizes. With this operation, 3 or 4 ropes can be prepared from one original rope using the cotton net.

In addition, we can say that there is no viable alternative on the market that allows performing the functions that we have described, which increases its importance in the sector.

One of the objectives of Ecoplas is to offer solutions to the needs of our customers and in this sense, this product perfectly meets the needs of mussel farmers.

  • Is it a seasonal product?

It is a specific product between the months of April to December, but many of our clients demand it in all months of the year.

  • What are the characteristics of the cotton net?

The cotton used is completely organic, grown without pesticides or transgenic plants, making it ideal for growing organic mussels.

It is made of 100% cotton thread, so the net degrades in approximately 15 days.

It is also essential to note that thanks to its superior quality, the fiber has great resistance.

  • What are the measures?


Bags of 500 meters x 6 units

Bags of 600 meters x 5 units

Bags of 750 meters x 4 units

Bags of 1000 meters x 3 units


Bags of 500 meters x 6 units

Bags of 600 meters x 5 units

Bags of 750 meters x 4 units

  • What are the main advantages of the cotton net?
  • Buoyancy
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to UVA rays
  • Low elongation
  • Great stability in the wet

If you are interested in further information, please contact our sales team.