Anti-Predator Nets for Bouchots

On this occasion we would like to focus on a fundamental product for the proper development of mussel farming, we are talking about the anti-predator nets.

Mussel farmers prepare the bouchot with the anti-predator nets and use it, both to fix the young and then to defend it from predators.

The main use of anti-predator netting is in stake cultivation.

Malla Anti depredadores

These nets are used to maintain and consolidate the mussels during their growth, avoiding losses due to falls or predators.

The cultivation of “bouchots” is carried out on poles driven into the muddy shore. This growth technique is called intertidal or staked.

Our nets are used to cover mussels. The tubular nets are extensible and strong, with a rhombic shape, thus optimizing the space for the mussels during development.

What are the main benefits of predator nets?

The main benefits are:

  • Tubular nets specially designed to be able to work in the cultivation of Bouchots.
  • Used to maintain and give optimal growth to the mussel, avoiding losses by predators and with optimal elasticity to be able to fit the net in the Bouchot.
  • Depending on the area, the nets width and the nets size are very important, that is why we work with more than 6 references with different colors each, so that the farmer can know the net that he is working with.


Cultivo en estaca

The main characteristics of this anti-predator nets are:

  • Wide range of references with different net sizes and semi-perimeters
  • Very resistant and versatile, very easy to work with (with net chargers)
  • UV Stabilized (long lasting)
  • Colors: Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red
  • 750 mtr / 1000 mtr coils

These nets are designed to provide greater resistance to breakage, even in very rough waters, thus making them more suitable for mussel farming.

If you are interested in this type of product and would like further information, please contact our Ecoplas sales team.