Historiñas of a CSO: The values of Ecoplas

Do you know that feeling when you don’t remember what you ate at noon? Well, the same thing happens to me with what I did this week…

When you have new orders, I admit that, it is addictive. Before, if they asked us for a couple of pallets of catinage filet or half a pallet to pack onions or garlic, we already noticed the effect. But honestly, that dose now no longer reaches us and we need at least one full container.

 This week has been very intense, as Moncho de Pelejrino would say, there was “flow”. I remember my time as a runner doing series through the port of Rianxo: him, Bandiño and I… when he told us fifteen meters behind us “guys, today I’m going with flow“. We looked everywhere and didn’t see anyone… Later he explained to us that it is the feeling in which you are suffering but just enough while enjoying what you are doing

Well, in honor of Moncho, I must say that I have faced this week with a lot of flow. That point where time is short and it seems that you do not arrive, but you manage to get things done and see that they are going as expected.

The truth is that for those who are passionate about work, it is a feeling almost as good as seeing orders come in by “full container”

 But without a doubt, what I take away from this week is the values of ECOPLAS. When my mentor/consultant/sensei explained to me the importance of the Mission, Vision and Values within the organization, I really did not think that they were so important when running a company. I realize more and more how fair and necessary it is for everything to be perfectly aligned.

At the time it took us many hours and discussions to define what our values were. In the end we picked it up as follows:


We are a company committed to society and to our clients where our anchor pillar is innovation, which is why a series of values that define us are implicit in our DNA:

  • Social and Environmental Commitment
  • Development and Innovation
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility

 Based on this social commitment, inclusion or responsibility, this week we have started Mentoring a boy who has just graduated from the University and who is looking for his first job. He doesn’t know it, he thinks it’s just me dealing with this issue, but behind me there are more people from our team who will lend him a hand.

We want to contribute as much as possible, contributing our grain of sand, in this exciting and challenging project that you are facing. In the first Mentoring session I have challenged him to define his Mission, Vision and Values, in the following sessions with the support of the rest of the team we will guide him in his challenge, which is the values of Ecoplas.

 P.S. The next installment I already spoil it for you and it will be titled: “The oppositions in the private company”