The Anti-Bird Net

The anti-bird net is an ecological and silent means of fighting against birds.

Currently it is an efficient method to prevent crop losses, protecting fruit trees and orchards from bird damage.

In addition, it can be particularly effective for large open areas.

Nowadays, we find various factors that can harm our crops, ruin all our work and produce significant economic losses. Some of these factors are natural, related to the weather, and we cannot control them. But there are other elements that we can handle, such as the damage that birds cause to crops.

This type of anti-bird net is the best prevention weapon to avoid:

  • Plant damage
  • Crop decline
  • Rotting of products
  • Increase in insects

The anti-bird nets, therefore, offers great advantages to the farmers or aquaculturists who use them. We highlight among others:

Product suitable for trees, vegetables, ponds and building structures.

Very resistant to UV rays, mold and decay.

They are easy to cut to size and do not fray.

Ecological, prevent the access of animals without imprisoning them

Innocuous for the environment and for our plantation since they allow the circulation of air, water and light.

We find them in a wide variety of formats that adapt to any need and can be installed in one piece, both in professional and private farms. Standard length 50m, 100m and 200m

Lightweight so their installation is simple, which reduces the cost of labor.

Being woven, knotted tights, they do not fray and are more elastic.

From Ecoplas we can offer you these three varieties of anti-bird nets:

  • Protecta: Multi-annual network to cover crops, trees and shrubs. Strong strong mesh achieved through high thread size: approximately 1mm.
  • Rational tape: Light net to cover crops.
  • Universal: Multi-year net to cover crops, garden ponds, trees and shrubs.

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