2020 Ecodesign Contest: Bialac Project

At Ecoplas we are celebrating. This year the National Environmental Congress (CONAMA) has awarded the R + D + I project BIALAC in the 2020 Ecodesign contest, where the importance of innovation, sustainability and the commitment to the circular economy is made visible.

Due to the technological leap proposed, as well as the high capacity and experience of the consortium, the BIALAC project was selected within the CONECTA PEME 2018 program.

The BIALAC Project aims to develop a biomaterial based on biodegradable polymers at a reduced cost through the use of low-value raw materials that are difficult to value for the project participants, such as a permeate. This project will reduce costs in the production of biopolymers, enhance the permeate and sludge from the treatment plant and produce new 100% biodegradable food packaging formulations.

The BIALAC project has had a duration of more than 2 years. It started in May 2018 and ended in September 2020 and has had a total budget of 665,776 euros.

Entrega Premio Bialac

We are especially excited to highlight the fact that this award has been granted by the public and goes directly to: Empresa Municipal de Aguas de la Coruña (EMALCSA) in collaboration with the University of Coruña, ABAKAL Ingenieros Consultores and our company ECOPLAS.

In addition, it has been subsidized by the Galician Innovation Agency, supported by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Industry and co-financed by the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) of the European Union.